Saturday, 21 July 2012

Some Amazing Help!

So its happened.  Originally this year one of our goals has been to find people to help FFOH with our fund raising efforts.  This is proof that goals are the key to making things happen.  We have so much exciting stuff to announce.  First some lovely ladies from Fort Qu'Appelle have decided to help FFOH with not one but TWO golf tournaments.

The first on is on this flyer.  Let these ladies know if you would like to enter a team.  There are some great prizes and a light lunch.  This is a ladies tournament.  There is also a prize for most dollars raised so get out there and get some pledges.  Forever Friends will be supplying all the receipts for the donations.  I will keep you posted on the second tournament when we get the finalized information. 

The second is a business here in Saskatchewan that sells locally inspired clothing.  Follow this link to see the cool t shirts they have available this season.  15% of all orders in the month of July go to Forever Friends.  I ordered a shirt last week.  I got notification that it has shipped already and can't wait to get it!  And in the fall I am going to order a bunny hug.  Mostly because I am so glad they have bunny hugs, not hoodies.  (Yes I know they are pretty much the same thing, however as a child/teen of the eighties, this matters.)

As usual I am truly humbled by the happenings for Forever Friends this year.  Thank you all for your amazing support.  Support those that support us and let them know it. 

Have an amazing day!