Sunday, 26 August 2012

Always Amazed!

Wow has it been a busy summer.  So much to catch you up on. 

We have always grown and learned with FFOH.  Our steady growth has made it so we can continue to keep up with the work load as it grows and changes.  Having no paid employees means that we have to work pretty hard to keep up with the demands of it.   There are lots of phone calls from social workers and applicants.  As we get better known, we get more calls from the people on the front lines of cancer.  As the people on the front lines learn about us then I know they will be able to pass more applicants on to us.  I am so impressed with all that is going on. 

We got our first donation on the Paypal account.  That was exciting.  Then we figured out how to get the money from the paypal account to the bank account.  So that was great.  Then with the help of a friend of mine from GeeBee Construction (Silver Sponsor for the Saskatchewan's Got Talent Night at Casino Regina) (Shameless Plug) We made sure it wasn't offensive to anyone and got good advice on making it better.  So we are coming ahead in leaps and bounds.  Things like that help us appear more professional.  As we are growing we want to make sure that everyone we deal with knows that we take it very seriously.

We have had 52 applicants so far.  Four in the last month alone.  We have been able to help these women.  That makes me feel good.  We have been getting better at helping people as well.  We are getting more streamlined and can respond even better to peoples needs.  Speed is often of the essence so it is more important than ever to help quickly and efficiently. 

Our announcement this time is the Paypal account.  If you would like tickets to the event in the fall, go to our site and donate $75 and we will send you a ticket to the event.  For a $35 donation we will send you a ticket for the show portion of the evening.  The tickets are first come first serve basis so we will send you the best ones we have available.  Here is our website again.

Now that fall has arrived, I promise to be attentive to the blog.  We have had almost three thousand readers.  Keep sharing and passing on the message of Forever Friends.  Our applicants thank you for the information.  Thanks for the reads!

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Another fantastic week!

This is an update on all that has been done with Forever Friends this week.  It's been a great week!

We had a group of great ladies from Fort Qu'Appelle host a golf tournament in our name this week.  They raised 2717.00 dollars for us!  Thanks to the Echo Ridge Ladies for the great support.  Two of our member helped with the registration table and I was asked to speak at the luncheon.  It's always an honor to speak at Forever Friends events.  I always get nervous and hope I don't make a fool of myself.  Don't fall down, zipper up, that sort of thing.  I think it went okay.  The luncheon was great and they even let me eat first which was awesome.  A fantastic lunch was served and we were honored to be there.  Honored to be a part of it.  So again our thanks to all that helped organize the event. 

We are in the process of helping a couple of applicants right now.  One is for prosthetics and a wig as well as rent for four months.  And another for four months of bills until she can return to work. 

Neither of these women were declared terminal so they don't qualify for long term disability payments.  Because they own cars and homes they don't qualify for social services until they sell their assets and live off the money.  Even though they don't have huge expensive homes or new cars they don't qualify.  So basically they are left with no income while finishing their treatments.  Four months worth of treatments and no money coming in at all.  I can not even try to understand why this happens but it does.  Everyday. 

Our event for the fall is coming together very nicely.   We have the ability to accept donations on our website now.  We can also use the paypal button to process MasterCard or Visa transactions.  If you would like to purchase tickets to our fall event you and contact me directly at 699-7788 or call the casino Regina box office 565-3000 (Regina) or 1-800-555-3189.   Or visit the link below.

And just because I haven't included it in a while, here is the link to the Forever Friends website.  There is an application there, as well as a donate button.

We appreciate every look at the site, every read of the blog and all of the support we get. 

Thank you all.