Sunday, 24 February 2013

MIA Control issues

So here's the deal.  I am a bit of a control freak.  This is probably not a big surprise to those people close to me.  There is probably a lot of eye rolling going on in the Internet world right now.  The auction is coming up and there has been a development.  

Everyone in FFOH has real jobs.  We all have real world commitments.  I am a real estate agent and an insurance broker.  There are several levels to both my jobs but my insurance is the one that requires my attention now.  I will be away from home from the 15th to the late afternoon of the 23 taking a course.  I have a test in the morning of the 23 so I won't be back until after I write the test and drive the three hours home.  This means that for the first time in eleven years I won't be there to help set up the auction. 

Don't get me wrong, I have complete faith in my board.  I know they will do great.  I can't say that I will be okay but I know that the auction is in good hands. 

The Indian Head Bakery is on board to do the cheesecake buffet for us this year, yum!  And the Domo in Qu'Appelle is going to be our liquor provider again.  Scot's Printing is on board to help by printing tickets and getting our decorations ordered in. 

My control issues are running full blast right now.  It's really amazing to me.  FFOH still after all this time challenges me to face different parts of me personality.  I knew I had issues but now I am forced to face them.  It's good really.  Because it forces me to remember to have faith.  Keep calm and carry on.

As a reminder, our tickets go on sale March 1 at 10 AM.  Call 699-7788 to buy yours. Or you can go to our site and pay online using paypal or a credit card.  Mark it on your calender and don't forget! 

Thanks for the reads!

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Back to the land of planning

We are on the countdown to our spring auction.  Our letters have gone out, donations are already coming in.  Co-op Refineries, Dusyk and Barlow, Thee Lingeree Shoppee, Sherwood Co-op and Indian Head Technologies are on board already.  The response is always amazing. 

We are set for the 23 of March.  I am looking forward to it.  The lovely April Nichol is on board to be our MC for the evening.  We have a great evening shaping up again.  The caterer for the evenings appy's is Crystal Cook who was our caterer last year as well.  We are very lucky to have the support of these great folks.  

We are going to start selling tickets at 10 AM on March 1 at the 50+ club in Qu'Appelle.  We will be manning the phones and watching the Internet for donations and then we will be mailing out the tickets that match the donations that morning.  If there are any tickets left after 2 PM they will be available at Qu'Appelle Agencies of by calling me.  306-699-7788

Please support the people that support us.  We can't thank them enough.  Need a new car, the Capital Auto Mall was a gold sponsor.  Need new underwear, The Pink Tree or Thee Lingerie Shoppee are huge supporters of what we do.  Let our sponsors know that you are choosing to support them because they support us. 

So mark the date on your calender.  Both the first for tickets and the 23 for the Ladies Night Out Auction.  Our theme is the 80's this year so get your spandex and crimpers out.  Call me if you would like to donate something, we would love to have the help.  I look forward to hearing from you all!

Thanks for the reads!