Thursday, 13 December 2012

Final Numbers

Okay so here is the good news! 

This is an amazing group of women. 
Our 620 CKRM presents "Saskatchewan's Got Talent" raised a total of 12,248.00 dollars for Forever Friends of Hope.  We sold 199 tickets.  We had six amazing levelled sponsors, and lots of silent auction and table sponsors.  The night was a great success! 

We had one woman, over a year ago, that was at a level of desperation that was outside of what we had seen before.  To get her back on her feet and keep her there until she was returned to work took 12,000 dollars.  That money may go to one person who needs it desperately or 12 people that just need a little help. 

This season, as the holidays approach, know that a lot of people are struggling.  In one way or another, we all struggle.  Some struggle more during the holidays.  Some find solace in it.  Wherever you are in your life, wherever you want to be, remember that this life we have is a blessing and a gift.  Use your life, the rest of your days to leave your world a better place.  I don't mean give all your money to charity and live as a pauper.  I mean don't yell at waiters or your kids, don't take your spouse for granted, tell them you love them or better yet, show them.   Look in the mirror and accept and love the person you see.  Sometimes we need to be kind to ourselves first.

We can't quit our jobs and live each day on the beach making each moment count like all the motivational posters lead us to believe.  We have to keep the lights on, shoes on the kids, and food on the table.  We can do those things with an open air of kindness, to ourselves and others.  I think it is a feeling, a thought, a real gut level emotion, not a specific act.  Random acts of kindness should not be rare.  They should be a way of life.  I try to make them mine.  I don't always succeed but I try. 

Thank you all for reading!

Friday, 7 December 2012

Our Thanks To The Ladies That Help Us Along The Way

We still don't have our final numbers available from the Casino night but we do have our final numbers from the Quilt raffle.  We made $1744.00 from the raffle. 
How cool is that!
These women made these quilts and donated them
 to us and we are so grateful.  Because of these women we were able to sell tickets on these quilts and raise this money.

Denim Cancer Ribbon Quilt
Made by Linda Andrew from Qu'Appelle

Dream Quilt
Made by the Prairie Art and Leisure Stitchers
(Cheryl Waters, Susan Wittrup, Linda Wood, Lynne Woollam, Helen Strong, Linda Brumwell, & Gisele Pitrowski)

Talent always finds a way to support and strengthen those around them.  The talent of these women is remarkable. The makers of the dream quilt are a group of ladies that quilt in their spare time.   
One of these ladies is my Aunt to I may be biased but I am very impressed by the work they do on these quilts.  Very beautiful.  I had asked them to make a quilt for us for our tenth anniversary.  They made and gave us one.  When we looked at it, we realized that it was much to beautiful to put in the auction.  You see in the auction we may have gotten a few hundred dollars for it.  But by raffling it we were able to maximize this fantastic gift.  We asked them if they were okay with a raffle and they were very gracious and agreed. 
In the mean time, one of our members talked to the maker of the Denim Cancer Quilt.  When Linda heard what we were doing she decided to make one to donate as well. 
And that is how we were lucky enough to get these two great quilts. 
We want to extend our deepest thanks to these ladies for their help with this raffle.  We really could not have done it without them. 
Thanks so much ladies!  You Rock! 
Thanks for the reads and shares.  We appreciate it so much.
Over 4000 readers.  How cool is that!

Saturday, 1 December 2012

The days after-CKRM Rocks!

620 CKRM The Source ROCKS!

As many of you know I am a very devoted CKRM listener.  When I approached CKRM with the idea of a title sponsorship I didn't expect anything.  Low expectations are the key to happiness because when they said yes, I was over the moon excited. 

Here's how it shook down. 

At the "What Women Want" Show last year, Pam and Garry Frigon met Gloria Evans.  Gloria is one of the morning DJ's on 620.  Pam and Garry told Gloria about FFOH.  Gloria asked us if she could come to the auction we have in the spring and help in any way.  We were very excited.  She came out and helped guest MC with our wonderful MC Jill.  However, about half way through the evening we lost Gloria.  I found her in the back helping keep track of the items.  We were running a few hands short and she noticed another way to help us out.  She piled into the work and never looked back. 

As we were communicating via email about the auction, I got brave and sent her the info for the Saskatchewan's Got Talent.  She forwarded it to the powers that be and voila!  Title Sponsorship.  Please see my former blogs for my excitement about this. 

Perry Nyhas met with me and set everything up.  He is a great guy, very kind.  However whenever I am near him I get so nervous.  I see him with such reverence.  I can't help it.  I grew up listening to him and am still awestruck.  However, I digress. 

Gloria and Jamie interviewed me on the morning show, then set it up so I could go over to 92.1 and have an interview with them.  I was so nervous.  But the graciousness of everyone at Harvard was amazing. 

Just before "Saskatchewan's Got Talent" on Thursday, Perry Nyhas stopped by.  He and I were standing in the Show Lounge at the Casino Regina.  Just us, we were looking at the silent auction items spread out the length of the lounge and surveying the lounge.  The sound guy Edgar, came up to me and asked a question.  And it hit me.  I looked around at Perry Nyhas talking to me, a sound guy asking me something and thought "WHAT THE HELL HAVE I DONE?  WHAT HAVE I GOT MYSELF INTO?" I had no idea what I was doing, what was going on and had the most surreal moment. 

I am sure that I screwed something up.  Positive that I made some sort of a mistake.  I know we fixed one mistake in the afternoon.  But I am sure that there are more.  I know I learned a lot.  I know that I am very grateful for the wonderful staff at the Casino Regina.  They fixed a mix up with amazing ease.  (I'm sure they swore at me but if we do it again, I will be much better.  I promise.)   But I know with certainty that what we did was successful.  We raised some money.  I will let you know how much as soon as we have it tallied.  But there is more.

This is how I know we were successful!
This picture is compliments of Pam Frigon with the United Voices Choir out of Balgonie. 
These girls put on a great and emotional show.  But here they are hanging out in the green room with our second preformer Colby Nargang. 
These girls got to preform in the show lounge.  They missed school, got their hair and makeup done by Marvel Beauty School, had an afternoon sound check, had three costume changes and hopefully  the time of their lives.  I hope we have, in part, inspired another generation of girls to make a difference in any way they can.
So, with all the work, worry, and moments of down right panic, it's over.  I want to thank CKRM for all of the help and guidance.  I want to thank our performers. 
United Voices
Dionne Warner
Brandy Young and her band
Colby Nargang
Doug Arden
and our MC for the evening
Gloria Evans! 
More thanks to follow.  But for now, I want everyone to know how much we appreciate CKRM for all the help.  Thanks for the reads and shares.  I am forever Amazed and Blessed!