Monday, 15 October 2012

Meeting Last Night!

We had our meeting last night for October. I will update you all on the happenings.   We always start our meetings with the run of the mill stuff.  Things like the events we have to be at, craft shows like the Harvest Hoedown in Indian Head on October 20 and the Lioness Craft and Bake sale on November 10.  We make sure that we have people to cover the whole day.  Right now we are focusing on selling our raffle tickets and merchandise at these events.  We will have Casino tickets available as well. 

So after we get the house keeping stuff out of the way we are able to move onto the good stuff.  We had two applicants last night.  We think of this as the good stuff because helping these women is why we do all of the rest of the stuff with Forever Friends.  When we can give money to a woman that really needs it then all of the fund raising and work that we do is all worth it. 

We helped two women last night.  We were able to pay for six months of lymph node draining for one woman and one wig for another.  Most people probably don't realize that lymph node draining is not paid for by our health care.    It takes about 1 1/4 hours in a very specialized massage that is not relaxing or fun.  This in part keeps the arm from swelling to dangerous levels.  It costs about 100-110 dollars per time and our applicant had to go everyday for three weeks.  Adding this up means a woman on a very fixed budget spent about 2300 dollars in three weeks just on treatments.  Not to mention that she had to stay in a care home while she got the treatments because she does not live anywhere close to where these specialized treatments are.  It cost about 2000.00  for her stay.  If you do some rough math you will see the cost of a necessary treatment resulting from breast cancer.  And this is why we do what we do. 

We then do reports from our treasurer.  We have enough money in our account to pay for the Casino night and give at our average rate until January.  This means if our Saskatchewan's Got Talent night is not a huge success we will be out of money. 

Because we are as dangerously close to running out of money as I ever want to be, our focus is on the CKRM Presents Saskatchewan's Got Talent on November 29that the Casino Regina.  The link below will get you information on the night and the performers.  If you want ticket let me know and I will get them sent out for you.

Thanks to everyone for the reads today.  Have a great day! 

"And there but by the grace of God, go I."

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Spotlight-Brandy Young!

Iyanla on the Oprah network was talking once about how you know when you are pushing yourself far enough.  She says that when you feel just a little like you are going to pee your pants, that is the line.  That's when you know.  If you actually pee your pants, you have pushed your self too far. 

For the most part the casino night is making me feel a bit like throwing up every time I think of it.  Which for the record, is all the time.  I will be happy when more tickets sell.  That's the biggest part.  It feels like your throwing a party and invited all your friends but not everyone one has replied yet.  We have sold thirteen tables, eleven of eight and one of six and one of four.  Lisa B Originals has been a huge help for us with ticket sales.

I am going to be showcasing a bit of our talent in the upcoming blogs.

Brandy Young
Brandy Young has been singing since she could talk. Her first performance was when she was 8 years old. She's sang at many fundraisers and talent shows. Over the past 15 years, she's competed in the Yorkton GX94 and 620 CKRM Big Country Talent Shows. In 2008, she won the CMT Karaoke Star for Saskatchewan and got to go on to Toronto for the finals to represent her province. In 2011, she won the Sheila Ann Memorial for the 620 CKRM competition winning a session to record her single I'm Not Sorry. Brandy has sang at Craven's Mainstage for the past 6 years, Casino Regina's Show Lounge and Yorkton Painted Hand Casino, last year winning the Painted Hand Talent Show.

Brandy has been a huge supporter of FFOH.  She has preformed at our auction in the past.  This long term support is something that we are so impressed with.  Brandy is one of our three performers for the evenings entertainment. 

I will keep you all posted.  It continues to unfold in an amazing way with plenty of surprises yet to come! 

I will finish by saying, Please buy tickets!  If this evening is not successful, FFOH will only have about seven thousand dollars to last until our spring auction.  We will be out of money by January. 

Happy Thanksgiving all!  I am counting my blessings this weekend.  And all of you are on my list for reading.  Thank you all!

"And there but by the grace of God, go I."