Sunday, 19 May 2013

Fundraising can be kind of difficult at times.  Sometimes I feel like the person everyone wants to hide from.  Like people cross the street to avoid me, to avoid buying another ticket, being asked to volunteer or attend an event. 

I hosted a Lia Sofia fundraiser on Friday.  It was super fun.  We raised over 560 dollars for FFOH and we got over a thousand dollars worth of free jewelry that we are going to use for our different events.  It was probably the easiest fundraiser I have ever done.  

We have had a group of women raise money for us with a purse swap.  We have had people donate money from a golf tournament.  We have had people organize steak nights.  Believe me, every bit of the money people donate to us is a huge help.  Every dollar someone else raises is a dollar we don't have to raise but desperately need. 

We appreciate what others have done for us.  Because it sometimes takes so little to really help someone every little bit helps. 

The moral of the story is, if anyone out in cyber space would be interested on hosting a fundraiser for us we would be very grateful. 

Thanks for the reads everyone!  We appreciate it! 

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Time passing

Some days I miss my friend more than others.  Friday I missed her a lot.  I wished she was here to share this with me.  I know that she is the reason that I have these opportunities.  I also know that my eyes would not have been opened to the need of Forever Friends unless we lost her. 

Our latest applicant was in dire circumstances.  Although not in the same way as some of our applicants. The chemo had done damage to her teeth and gums.  She needed a tooth pulled desperately.  The social workers called and told me she was in a lot of pain.  We were able to get her approved in one hour from receiving the application.  She was to the dentist the next day.  The work ended up being half of what the estimate was.  Her family called me back to thank me for what we did for her.

Here is the amazing part.  She is palliative.  For 149 dollars we were able to stop her pain.  What if FFOH wasn't here?  Then what?   Would she have just suffered until she died?  Is this okay in our world today?  In Canada?  I want to believe there would have been somewhere she could have turned too.  I just don't know that there is.  This is what makes me so proud of what we do. 

Now for an update on some of the other things going on with FFOH.  I was invited to Saskatoon to the Hope Cancer Clinic to talk about some of the things that works for FFOH.  They asked for some input into their program.  It was very flattering to be invited.  And when people let me talk about FFOH for as long as I want without them getting bored, I get very happy.  Really its a win-win situation. 

And one more thing.  As I have mentioned in the past, some of the partners that FFOH has worked with, Lisa B Originals to be exact, nominated me as a YWCA Woman of Distinction.  As amazing as it is, I was actually given the award in the Community Leadership and Enhancement category on Thursday night.

I want to thank everyone who took the time to write a letter of support.  I want to thank Garry and Pam Frigon for taking the time to start the nomination process.  I doubt that in my whole life I will top that feeling.  It is easily one of the best moments of my life.  Garry, Shirley, Geri, Mom, Virginia, and Derek-Thank You for being there to share that moment with me.  It really has been a very amazing week. 

Thank you all for the reads and shares.  We have had over 5300 readers.  Amazing!