Monday, 26 November 2012

Here's the Good Stuff-Silent Auction

These are the awesome prizes we will be bidding on in the Silent Auction.  We have amazing supporters and I would like to point out that most of these folks are not our regular sponsors.   We were able to find some new sponsors to help us out this time.   The graciousness of Saskatchewan never ceases to amaze me. 

We add to the list of sponsors Ashley Todd, Gracom, Capital Auto Mall, Originals by Mary Jane, Inverness, The Delta, Temple Gardens Mineral Spa, The Pink Tree, Thee Lingerie Shoppee, BC Mutual Insurance, The Sandpiper, Payless Furniture, Indian Head Agencies, George Pawuiak, Wood Country, Scot's Printing, RBC, Just For You Day Spa, Bounce Hair Company, Shirley Wass, Wascana Remedial Massage, SaskPower, Dakota Dunes, West Jet and Chad and April Nichols. 

Please take note of our sponsors.  If you need something they sell, please look them up.  These are great people who believe in and care about our province and the people in it. 

Owen Garratt Drawing

Golb balls, shirt, water bottle, bottle opener, Cadillac hat, Warriors Hooded Sweater 2
Hat, tire flush, oil change, Warriors T shirt travel Mug and bottle opener 3
Cut and Color, 1 hour Massage  & Manicure and Pedicure 4
$ 70 dollar Gift Certificate and Watch 5
Jacket, Mitts, Hat & Scarf 6
Pen, hat, blanket, Golf shirt, and balls towel 7
Blanket, Steak knives and BBQ Set 8
Car Brush, Gift Certificate for Oil change and car wash, Pen Flashlight and tire tester and bag 9
Pillow, Scarf, Golf Shirt, Candle Holder, and Watch 10
Night and the Delta with a $50 food and beverage gift certificate, gift certificate from Just For You Day Spa 11
Lynx Chalk Drawing 12
Water Bottle, Bottle Opener, T shirt, tire flush and oil change 13
$75 Gift Certificate and T Shirt 14
Danby .7 cu ft Microwave 15
Travel Mug, Long Sleeved shirt and $70 dollar Massage 16
Basket and Clothing Item 17
Pink Mixer, Pepper Grinder, and Tea Infuser 18
Dog River Hat and shirt and Blanket 19
Bunny Hug and Shirt 20
Dewalt Impact Drill 18 volt 21
Area Rug 22
Night at Sunday's and $100 gift certificates  23
Two Tickets anywhere West Jet Flies, wine glasses and Champagne,  24
Gift Certificate for a night stay at the Spa in Moose Jaw
Pink Toboggan

See you all on Thursday.  This is the last call for meal tickets.  I need the numbers in by Monday at noon. 

Thanks so much for the support everyone!


Saturday, 24 November 2012

Dionne Warner Our Keynote Speaker

Dionne Warner is a cancer survivor that has an amazing outlook on life.  Together, she and her husband Graham,  have battled cancer 7 times.  This amazing story was captured by Deana J. Driver.  You can get a copy by clicking the link below.

Because of an amazing turn of events we were introduced to Dionne.  We asked Dionne if she would consider speaking at our event in the fall.  I have to say, I did not expect her to say yes.  The book was very popular.  They seemed to be in speaking engagements all over the country and I simply thought they would be too busy for our event. 

To my amazement she said yes.  I look very forward to meeting her in person on Thursday.  They are also going to have a table set up for Deana (the author), Dionne and Graham to sell and sign books.  Dionne is going to speak at the beginning of our event.  Their upbeat attitude, in my opinion, is the reason that they have been so successful with their fight.  I look forward to hearing her. 

Dinner tickets are available until Monday November 26,2012 at noon.  Tickets for the show only are available right up until the show starts at the Showlounge in Casino Regina.

Thanks for the reads everyone!  I look forward to hearing from you!

Friday, 23 November 2012

Our Headliner-Doug Arden

I want everyone to know today exactly what we do.  Here are a couple of stories. 
This year we paid for a wig for a young mother with an eighteen month old daughter.
We paid for a wig for a young woman who was graduating high school and really wanted hair to style into an updo for her graduation pictures. 
We paid for plates for a woman who is terminal so she can drive her children to school.
We paid for plates for a woman who was told to take the bus in forty below weather fighting lung cancer. 
We stopped three foreclosures. 
We paid living expenses for a woman who worked her whole life, used up her 15 weeks of disability and could not get welfare because she owned her home and was left with no income at all. 
We paid rent for a woman that also used up her 15 weeks and because she wasn't sick enough to die, got no help from social services because she had 4000 dollars left in her RRSP's.  She had to use it up before they would look at her application.  By the time she applied again she had a long waiting time and was going to get kicked out of her home. 
We paid for cheer leading.  Because when Mom is sick, kids still need to be kids.  This girl was the mom's primary caregiver.  When mom was sent home after her mastectomy two days before Christmas, this girl cooked and cleaned and made pancakes for their Christmas supper.  (And for the record, they never asked for it.  We were also paying basic living expenses.  We just felt it was the right thing to do.)
We gave away over forty thousand dollars. 
We raise this money slowly.  We work for 3 months for our auction.  We raise about 20,000 thousand dollars that night.  We make the other twenty thousand dollars from things like raffle tickets.  Two dollars at a time. 
And events like this one. 
Here is our headliner.  His name is Doug Arden. 

Doug Arden, Canada’s Corporate Funnyman, has over 15 years of professional, full-time, comedy entertainment experience. Every year, his schedule is filled with performances at corporate and community events across Canada. Doug is multi-talented and a professional comedian, magician, and ventriloquist whose main focus is one thing…entertaining audiences.

Doug Arden has cleverly combined clean stand-up comedy, outrageously funny ventriloquism, incredible magic, music, and audience participation, making his one-of-a-kind show absolutely hilarious! This outstanding comedy variety show has made Doug one of the most sought after corporate entertainers in the country. Audiences are absolutely unanimous in their praise of this amazing performer, as evidenced by the repeated standing ovations he receives at his many comedy shows across Canada every year. 

We have tickets available for three more days. Give me a call today. 699-7788

Sponsored by 620 CKRM, Inverness Consulting, Capital Auto Mall, Gee Bee Construction, ISC,
 Indian Head Agencies, and SGI Canada.
Supported by Conexus Financial, DFA Transport, Matt Inglis @RBC, The Pink Tree,
Qu'Appelle Agencies, Lisa B Originals and Scot's Printing.
Stay tuned for an update on our silent auction items!
Thank you all!

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Second Performer Colby Nargang!

I think I have been busy forever.  But I am back now!

Our event at the end of the month is coming along nicely.  620 CKRM is the title sponsor of our event.  Just in case anyone forgot. 

Here is the second entertainer for the evening.

This information is taken from Colby Nargang's website

Colby is a Regina, Saskatchewan based entertainer whose music pays tribute to Elvis Presley and Roy Orbison. He has been singing since he was a child, however it was his performance of Roy Orbison's "Running Scared" at Telemiracle 27 in 2003 that opened doors to many opportunities.
Colby is a well-known representative for people with disabilities as he was born with a rare disorder, Williams Syndrome. Unique to some individuals with this syndrome is an exceptional aptitude for music and the ability to mimic, which he was fortunate to be gifted with (for more information on Williams Syndrome please visit
Colby decided on the title of this album, "If I Can Dream" because it has always been his dream to be an entertainer and songwriter. Though he has had some rough times in his life with his disability and bullying, he still has followed his dreams. Colby feels that if he can overcome the obstacles in his life to achieve his dreams, there is nothing that can stop anyone from achieving theirs.

We are very grateful to have Colby preform. 

We stopped another foreclosure this week.   A lady that has been sick for a while was having her mortgage sent to the lawyers on the fifteenth.  We were able to get the necessary payment to the trust company on the fifteenth in time to stop  any further action.  And all it took was 800.00 dollars.  Imagine losing your house over 800.00 dollars.  But its always 800.00.  It all comes down to your last eight hundred dollars, doesn't it. 

We have our tickets for sale for the event.  Please call me to book your table or tickets.  We have sold about 170 tickets.  If we can sell all the tickets then we stand to raise about 40,000.00 dollars.  We would really appreciate any help that anyone can give.  The tickets are $75 or $35.  Please call me and we will set you up with a great, fun night!

I look forward to hearing from you!  699-7788 Here is the link to the Casino Show Lounge Box office. 

Thanks for reading.