Monday, 3 March 2014

Forever Friends Ladies Night Out Auction!

As we approach the auction, I am aware that I have not blogged as much as I did last year.  Although I am not working it seems as though I can not seem to find time to blog here.  I have been working on mine and selfishly I suppose, neglected this one.

The auction is on March 22 this year.  We have donation items rolling in and I am very excited to see what all is there in the final swoop.  It is always like Christmas morning when we sort everything out.  We separate the raffle, balloon pop, and auction items.  Find some cute door prize items, and call it a day.  We are separating everything on March 16 this year.

This year we have given away more money than ever before.  We helped a woman who needed to have a dental check up before cancer treatments on her throat.  Sask Health doesn't pay for check ups and only pays for extractions, nothing else.  We helped make sure she was ready for her treatments.

We helped a family we have helped in the past.  She was declared terminal and given three months, almost 2 years ago.  The first time I called the house their five year old answered the phone.  He said I couldn't talk to Mommy because she was sleeping.  I knew from the application that there was a younger set of twins.  I cried when I hung up the phone.  When we helped before it was before the CPP disability kicked in.  This time they were okay except for food.  They just needed food.  Imagine yourself looking at 3 kids under the age of 8 now and saying to yourself we're okay except for food.

Because my family and I are in a somewhat similar situation now, I can appreciate the situation these women are in even more.  Although I am not in a life threatening situation, (I don't think) it does bring to light the different sides of sickness.

I hope you all join us for the Ladies Night Out.  I have tickets, you can call 699-7788 and I will hook you up!  If you would like to donate something let us know and we will come and pick it up when it is convenient for you.

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