Monday, 10 March 2014

We Are Getting Closer to the Ladies Night Auction

Our night draws closer.  We get more excited.  Yesterday I ordered the gift certificate for the Temple Gardens Mineral Spa stay donated by Plainsview Credit Union.  I know we have a pretty awesome kids ride on tractor from Young's Equipment.  We have jewelry, gift bags, and a pink purse from The Pink Tree.  

And we are still getting things coming in.  Planter's from Wood Country, Travel Bags from Dusyk and Barlow, and what is sure to be a great donation from Whoo Calls in Qu'Appelle.  We don't have it yet but last years was a Texas mickey!  This year we even have Lia Sofia earrings for some of the balloon pop items.  

The cheesecake bites are ordered, the liquor is on its way. We are having a great time putting everything together.  We are meeting on the 16 of March in Qu'Appelle to do my favorite part of the auction.  That is when we get everything together.  We take some of what we heard last year from the amazing women that support us every year.  We try our best to fix any suggestions that we have.  We try to make the experience amazing for everyone.  We really do listen.  

Our biggest complaint over the years has been that it runs too late.  We try really hard to get everything to end by 11.  That's not always possible when we have so many AWESOME donations.  But that is where the silent auction has come into play.  So rest assured we are listening and trying our best to make it a fabulous experience.   

And the biggest announcement of all is our balloon pop sponsor.  Matt Inglis is sponsoring our balloon pop this year.  Matt has been a huge sponsor since coming on board a few years ago.  He has volunteered as a man-whore...I mean server...for years and has always helped with a donation as well. So if you are looking for some financial planning his number is 306-530-1666.  If you would rather email his email is and tell him we sent you.  He really knows his stuff!  Thanks again!  

Have a great day everyone!!!

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